When was the last time you bought art from a gallery? Chances are, never. But ART SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONE. I believe that everyone should be able to find unique, original art that they love, to hang in their home or workspace. But I know lots of people don’t know where to start looking.

This is where the idea for SUPA Gallery came from.

SUPA Gallery is a new online-only art gallery, which lives on Instagram @supa_gallery and on this website. I’ve hand-picked a selection of original art and limited edition prints by exciting contemporary artists whose careers are on the rise. These are all artists who I believe are worth investing in now.

I want SUPA to bring art lovers and artists closer together. Friends often ask for recommendations on what art to buy – this is a way of sharing that advice more widely.

And with prices starting at £25, it means that anyone can become an art collector.

At SUPA there’s no hidden price list, POA or ‘by appointment only’; I want to make buying high-quality art affordable, transparent and fun.

The first artists to be featured include Tom Hicks, Suzie Hunt and Jay Taylor.

affordable art to invest in
Jay Taylor’s expressive paintings blend together illustration, graphics & gaming

Jay Taylor has recently turned from hugely successful career in illustration – working for the Guardian, Ted Baker and Tatler – to painting. Pulling apart the tradition of painting, he has developed a signature style which blends cultural references to contemporary life with graphics, gaming, digital influences, still lifes and portraits.

affordable art to invest in
Tom Hicks’ street photography brings Brum & the Black Country to life

In his ongoing photography project, Tom Hicks applies a unique aesthetic to the post-industrial landscape of the region, focusing on words, typography, handmade lettering and signs. He also photographs ‘types’ of architectural features. His work has been widely exhibited and his colourful approach to documentary photography has attracted a diverse audience, particularly amongst enthusiasts of graphic design, architecture and contemporary art.

affordable art to invest in
Suzie Hunt creates magical worlds in her mesmerising prints

Suzie Hunt uses digital technology to explore, and map out, our relationships with place. At once delicate, and yet powerfully projected, she creates her own hidden worlds, directing data and imagery from her personal journeys into space.

Come on over to SUPA Gallery and take a look around!

Ruth x

SUPA Gallery has been founded by Birmingham-based art critic, writer and blogger, Ruth Millington. Before moving to Birmingham, Ruth spent 5 years working in galleries in London and Oxford. She has a background in spotting emerging talent, representing artists and writing about contemporary art.

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