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art history newsletter

Introducing my new art history newsletter…

While researching and writing my first book MUSE, I realised that there are so many masterpieces with interesting backstories that art history has hidden, forgotten, ignored or mistold. Most wall labels offer audiences a safe and sanitised story of art.

But, there’s nothing PG about art’s histories. Beyond the frame are wealthy heiresses and unacknowledged wives, narcissistic patrons and unlikely muses, dodgy dealers, activists and thieves, obsessive forgers and, of course, artists who dared to live differently.

And so, I have launched a free art history newsletter, which will land in your inboxes on the last Thursday of each month.

In each edition of Art Insider, you will receive:

  • An inspiring quote from an artist or muse
  • One weird and wonderful story of art
  • Recommended exhibitions and events (there are so many listings to trawl through, so I will pick the very best, going beyond the overcrowded blockbusters which aren’t always worth the money)
  • Related art books and podcasts

Subscribe to Art Insider and you’ll never look at art in quite the same way again.

If you want to tell me about an exhibition, event, art book or podcast, please do get in touch to discuss listings or partnership opportunities.

art history newsletter

2 thoughts on “Art History Newsletter

  1. Following on from the amazing Muse and your many informative twitter posts, I’m really looking forward to this regular email. Thank you Ruth.

  2. loved reading “Muse”, truly fascinating, and really looking forward to exploring more
    (can’t believe I didn’t know about this newsletter)

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