Ruth Millington

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am an art historian, critic and blogger, based in Birmingham (UK).

Art History 

As an art historian, I specialise in modern and contemporary art, researching overlooked artists: women, working-class, outsider and self-taught painters.

After completing a Masters in art history at the University of Oxford, I spent 5 years working for museums and galleries across the UK, including the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art and the renowned art dealership Connaught Brown.

How do I become an art writer?

Newspapers, magazines & art publications

Today, I write about art and culture for a number of publications. I write a monthly column for Rise Art. I have had writing featured in the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, BBC, and the i newspaper. My art essays have been included in Sorbet Magazine and BKN Magazine.


You can find my blog about art and culture on this website. I feature up-and-coming contemporary artists and exhibitions, theatre shows and other cultural events, particularly in Birmingham. I also write about current art world debates, like ‘Is social media ruining art?’.

I am honoured to have been named Birmingham’s Blogger of the Year in 2018.

Recent blogging and social media collaborations have included projects with BBC Arts and Birmingham Museums.


Most recently, I have worked the family of artist Eric Tucker to write a book telling the significant story of ‘Eric Tucker: The Unseen Artist’. 

I am also working on a book about Birmingham’s art history…watch this space!

art expert lowry

Art expert 

I have been featured as an art expert on TV and radio. Appearances have included BBC Breakfast, ITV News, Sky Arts, Radio 4’s Today programme, Woman’s Hour, BBC WM Radio and Heart FM.

Collaborations with artists & galleries

I write copy for contemporary artists and designers from around the world, and curatorial text/essays for museums, galleries and auction houses. Clients have included Sotheby’sSketch, Zireja and Eve Bennett. 

SUPA Gallery

In 2020, I founded SUPA Gallery, which sells contemporary art by emerging artists from Birmingham and the Midlands, who are worth investing in.

Contact me here. 

Ruth x